Mark Labey

Candidate for Connétable in Grouville

Grouville must stay a rural Parish. I will work to maintain this status, resisting the development of Green Field sites within our borders. 

Grouville must play its part in reducing our carbon footprint. I will strive to reduce the impact that our Honorary Police, Parish Hall, Parish Depot and all its staff have on our environment. I will also examine the feasibility of introducing Solar Panels in the soon to be undertaken Roof project. 

I would like the Parish office to take a more active role in providing advice to parishioners on ways to protect the environment through energy saving ideas at home and in the workplace. 

Grouville does not currently have enough leisure facilities for pre-schoolers and young people. I will encourage the incorporation of sports and leisure facilities into the Parish. 

Grouville is supported by an army of valuable volunteers, who offer their time and expertise for the Parish. My role will be to continue to support their work. 

As a parish, we need to ensure that we have more connected green lanes. My vision would be to create an uninterrupted green route around our Parish. One of my priorities would be to keep road safety high on the agenda. 

As a potential member of scrutiny panels, I would challenge any unnecessary States spending, notably on UK consultants for local projects. I will champion the use of home-grown expertise in order to save money and invest in the future of local businesses. 

The role of Connétable and the Parish system are under threat. I pledge to be an active States member to best enhance the reputation of both the office and the Parish. The Parish has grown over recent years and has become more diverse. Therefore, inclusivity must be at the heart of Grouville’s community. 

I will adjust the Parish Hall opening hours, to enable more Parishioners to meet with me, face to face, to discuss any of their issues. I will also have regular open surgeries with Deputies, so we present a strong, united voice for Grouville. 

I have run my own business for 32 years, as well as being the Honorary Treasurer for 3 organisations. As Connétable I would strive to meet the demands of the ever-changing economic climate and any issues that arise from it. 

I have been part of this Parish all my life and have dedicated over 30 years as a Roads Inspector, as well as being closely involved in the Battle of Flowers and the Chef Tenants of Grouville. 

I welcome the chance to work as your Connétable, making this the best community you could wish for. 


Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Michael Labey
  2. John Coutanche
  3. Graham David Stephens
  4. Andrew Lawrence Labey
  5. Mandy Maguire
  6. Julian De La Cour
  7. Dean Maryon
  8. Nick Parlett
  9. Peter St George
  10. Michelle Renouf