Mike Jackson

Candidate for Connétable in St. Brelade

Born and bred in St. Brélade, I currently live in the Vingtaine des Quennevais and work in St.Aubin 

My background and training is in the marine leisure industry and I’m the proprietor of a boatyard, chandlery shop and Post Office which has been trading successfully for some 45 years. 

I have a son who is a Master Mariner based in Jersey. He has a 3-year-old son. My daughter is a flight attendant based in Detroit, USA. She has an 8-month-old daughter. I am naturally very proud of my family. 

I believe I have a proven and credible record as Connetable, having served from 2005 to 2011 and again since 2018. 

I have demonstrated an ability to make tough decisions and deliver a multitude of projects throughout the Parish. Affordable housing is a priority. 

I’m convinced that most people crave stability and I’m focused on getting back to ‘grass roots’ politics and dealing more effectively with those local issues that concern people most. 

If elected, I shall support the delivery of an island healthcare system fit for the 21st Century, but at a reasonable cost, in a new hospital without further delay or increased expenditure. 

We must ensure adequate nursery provision at an affordable price to enable those working to raise families. 

Education standards need regular review and those leaving school must receive government support to facilitate their chosen career paths, whether it be through higher education or in acquiring vocational skills. 

Continued investment in our infrastructure to improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists on our roads is necessary without losing sight of the needs of private and commercial vehicle users. 

Diversification of our economy is essential with support for existing small business and ‘start ups’ to ensure employment and trainee opportunities. Our hospitality offering in the Parish is unparalleled and popular with visitors, we must continue to cultivate it to ensure continued viability. 

I passionately believe in continuing prudent investment in our finance, tourism/ hospitality, fisheries, agricultural and construction industries. 

I am, in common with many Islanders, deeply concerned about frivolous expenditure and mounting debt. We must ‘cut our cloth’ to suit and live within our means. 

I shall continue to give active support to our Parish Clubs and Societies and promote their future development. We have excellent sports facilities, and the best use must be made of them. 

It is important that we recognise our Parish and Island identity. Arts and Heritage projects flow from this and must be actioned by Government. 

We need to make better use of our Parish assets to stimulate income streams to offset costs. 

I regard St. Brélade as ‘The Family Parish’ where all generations are respected from cradle to grave. 

Most importantly I shall be available and will listen! 

I would be deeply honoured should the Parishioners of St. Brélade choose to elect me as their Connétable and one of their representatives in the States Assembly. 

Thank you for your time 

 Mike Jackson  

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