Neil Kilbey

Candidate for Deputy St. Helier Central

I am a long-term resident of St Helier Central. 

Jersey is a beautiful small island that is self-governing. It can and should make decisions appropriate for the Island and allow its people and businesses to flourish.

I strongly believe we need to have the smallest effective Government.
Government should provide services the private does not do, or does poorly.

We need fresh innovative and a strong States Assembly to make business-like decisions, based on facts, costs and benefits.

Control of States Expenditure and Projects
The States Assembly must be in control of the direction and spending of the Government and Civil Service.

Ministers and civil service departments must be, and be seen to be fully accountable to the electorate.

Jersey Open To Business
All States Expenditure ultimately comes from the private sector and individuals via taxation. 

Our main and traditional industries have stagnated or declined, so we need to encourage new industries with positive environmental and social impact. Entrepreneurs and Corporations should know Jersey is welcoming to the right businesses. 

Population and Immigration.
New innovative businesses need employees with specialist skills.

Imported skilled workers required here on a continuous basis should reside here, they will reduce costs, increase tax revenue and pass on skills to the local workforce.

Small businesses urgently need staff because 4,000 people have left the island and the States have employed 1,000 more.
Permanent residency should be on merit and social value to the Island.

More ‘right sized’ Social Housing is required to allow people to start families and locals to stay. More social housing will moderate Private Sector prices and speculation.

Underutilised States properties should be developed as Social Housing now, not ‘land banked.”

Private brownfield sites should likewise be encouraged to be appropriately and usefully developed.

New building techniques need to be investigated to reduce cost and timelines. 

Jersey has 125,000 vehicles registered for 103,000 people on our small island.  

By encouraging e-bikes, better bus services, car share, supermarket home deliveries etc. fewer people would need cars reducing emissions and freeing space for housing and outdoor space without increasing built environment.

A better more affordable alternative to a private car for the individual.

Health and Hospital.
Government projects should be the right size for the island and not ‘Landmark’, ‘Iconic’ or vanity projects.

Apparently £100M, spent on professional fees on the new hospital and yet it is not what is needed.

Regular medicals will identify illnesses sooner, minimising effect on individual, by prompting lifestyle changes and costing less to the state.

Mental Health programs should me provided sooner especially in the wake of the pandemic. Online therapists are affordable and available now.

Some of the above ideas may not work or not be approved, but I believe in innovative thinking to solve our problems. The States Assembly needs to have members who are seeking a better future for us all.

Jersey is perfectly poised to provide a prosperous future for ourselves and future generations and a great environment in which to LIVE. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Arun Zimela Koetsier
  2. Claire Prince
  3. Michael Lutilin-Clarke
  4. Manuel Afonso Luiz
  5. Isabel Luiz
  6. Jake Prince
  7. Paul Craig
  8. Mark Cilliers
  9. Viane Eiizma Koetsier
  10. Vonette Mercia Bradburn