Philip Bailhache

Candidate for Deputy St. Clement

I am standing as a Jersey Liberal Conservative (JLC) candidate for deputy in St Clement where I was born and grew up. I am the Leader of the JLC. I am standing for election because I believe that the government has forgotten the foundations of Jersey’s post-war success – financial prudence combined with a strong social conscience. We are spending too much money, and not devoting enough political energy to protecting the vulnerable in our society. 

My career as a lawyer, judge and, more recently, politician, has reinforced my hope to see greater fairness in our community. I was elected as deputy for Grouville at the age of 26, served as a law officer of the Crown for 20 years, and was Bailiff between 1995 and 2009. I was a senator between 2011 and 2018 with responsibility for foreign affairs. I seek to return to politics with a passionate desire to put Jersey on a course which will lead to greater prosperity and happiness for all its people. 

The JLC manifesto, prepared jointly with the Progress Party with which we are in coalition, can be found at . I hope that you might be able to find time to read it. It is not too long! We have tried to set out our policies clearly and succinctly. We have also set out our commitments to you, the voters, if we are elected and are able to form a government. In brief, our pledges are as follows. 

We want to restore confidence in government by reinstating the direct accountability of civil servants to ministers, and by being more careful with our finances. We want to make Jersey’s government more open, transparent, and responsive. 

We want to manage population growth and create housing solutions by getting more residents on the housing ladder and creating greater awareness of tenancy rights and obligations. 

We are passionate about the protection of Jersey’s stunningly beautiful environment. The challenges of climate change are urgent but need to be approached sensibly. We want to restore Jersey’s precious biodiversity. The undeveloped rural parts of St Clement need special care. 

We seek to improve access to primary health care (GPs) by making it more affordable, and to reduce number of managers in the health service by focusing on the importance and value of frontline staff. We want to build a new hospital fit for Jersey in the right place at the right cost. 

Education would become a high priority through greater investment and ensuring that all young people, regardless of background, can develop their talents to the full. 

We want to reinvigorate the economy by ensuring that all policy decisions support a thriving business community and sustainable economic growth. We are keen to promote innovation and encourage digital businesses. 

Please vote for all Jersey Liberal Conservative and Progress Party candidates in whichever districts they are standing. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders:

  1. Philip John Le Brocq
  2. Sally Le Brocq
  3. Sheila Meise
  4. Michael Taylor
  5. Nigel Ian Wagstaffe
  6. Christopher Fairbairn
  7. Loraine Determeyer
  8. Stephen Peck
  9. Jade Burrows-Peck
  10. Louise Blampied