Philip Ozouf

Candidate for Deputy St. Saviour

Ozouf for Deputy of St Saviour 

I’m standing – once again – to offer voters a real choice  

Experience | Positive independent thinking | Commitment  

Four years of an Alliance-Led Government promised a lower cost hospital, a population policy and an efficient OneGov.  

Overdale looks an expensive folly, with house prices soaring, States spending rocketing now Jersey has gone into debt.  

The response to an already high cost of living has been late and insufficient.  

Jersey deserves better, more energy and a focus on delivery for islanders. 

My record is one of making timely, tough calls in the best interests of Jersey.   

One example: I fought for and delivered fibre for all homes.  

A plan to get Jersey back on track  

Government Accountability 

The States Assembly should hold government to account. It’s become impossible with indecision, vague & late proposals.  

Ministers should lead work with members in the best interests of Jersey.  

 Control spending 

The money wasted is typified by £millions spent on outside consultants.  

Savings need to be made to free up resources to recruit more carers, nurses, teachers, and the frontline workers that islanders need.  


My proposal to cut the marginal rate of tax should be re-started to help the lowest and middle earners.  

A Social Security exemption limit will help the self employed and many who are suffering with rising costs.  

The States need to remember that tax is a cost of living too.  


Our Finance Industry must grow and focus on high quality reputable work.  

Farming and tourism can thrive.  

As the global leader in fibre, we can secure new e-business opportunities. 


The proposed single site Overdale is an expensive hilltop folly.   

It’s clear a dual-site on an expanded Gloucester Street with day-care, mental-health and convalescence located at Overdale is a much more affordable plan, that needs to be accelerated without delay.  


The Island Plan debate failed to deliver sufficient housing. I will be publishing a radical plan to address this in the coming weeks.  

St Saviour 

Parish Rates 

With the Constable I would undertake a full review of St Saviour finances and functions to ensure services are affordable through domestic and commercial rates. 

 Parish System and representing you  

I stand for strengthening Parishes and commit to strongly defend the role of Connétable in the States. My office will be in the Parish, hold regular surgeries and will be available for you.  

A St Saviour Parish Plan 

Working together we can develop and implement the first St Saviour’s plan that meets the needs of our parish’s future in housing, traffic, foot-paths and more.  

 About me 

Former Deputy, Senator and Minister, son of a farmer and Connétable, I had instilled in me the importance of hard-work and public service. 

 As an independent, I don’t believe party politics are the solution for Jersey. 

 I hope you agree, I would proud to serve again and honoured to earn 1 of your 5 votes. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders


  1. Imogen S. Nicholls M.B.E.
  2. Paul Houzé
  3. Kathleen Powell
  4. Justine Emma Allen
  5. James Archibald Langlois
  6. Sally O Donnell
  7. Julia Warrander
  8. Henry Buckley
  9. Nicholas Philip Bowker Le Quesne
  10. Shona Ringsdore