Richard Vibert

Candidate for Connétable in St. Peter

I have been honoured to be Constable of St Peter, working alongside the parish staff and volunteers to help Parishioners and our Community during one of the most difficult periods post-Occupation.  

If re-elected, I will continue “Putting the Community first” so we provide the environment for all generations in our community to thrive and provide our Children with the opportunity to develop within a supportive community. 

Parish life 

I want to see Parishioners benefit from: 

  • Enhancement of pathways and Green lanes for all users.
  • Parish allotments for community use.
  • Additional support to the Community Centre, Youth Club and other Parish associations.
  • Outreach programmes as part of a proactive programme to discourage anti-social behaviour.
  • Enhanced community facilities to be enjoyed by all generations. 

Cost of living & Affordable Housing 

The cost of living is challenging, and the next Assembly must move towards the Living Wage and delivering affordable homes. We supported several sites in the Parish and the 3 approved should provide approximately 125 affordable homes. I wish to ensure that:  

  • The homes are suitable for families and remain affordable in perpetuity. 
  • Public facilities are included in the development, so it is positive for all in our community.  
  • “Right sizing” homes are developed in our community so as to release further family homes. 


During my current term, the Parish have taken proactive steps to reduce our Carbon footprint: 

  • we use new low emission fuels in all Parish vehicles; and 
  • Installed solar panels on our Community Centre to heat water; and 
  • Fitted a number of more efficient air heat source pumps at our homes; and
  • Planted numerous additional trees.  

In the next Assembly I would like to see: 

  • Enhanced public transport, more bus shelters, bus stops and routes. 
  • Encourage the use of sustainable renewable fuels. 
  • Greater use of re-cycled materials including locally produced aggregates in construction.
  • An initial loan scheme to encourage the insulation of older building.
  • Use of natural assets to produce electricity including solar panels, wind and geo-thermal.
  • Work with energy providers on transition to low carbon solutions. 

Health & Education 

Our entire community benefits from having an effective and inclusive education system , from early years to higher and vocational training and there are opportunities to further develop the approach to education, especially in early years.  

The Jersey Care Model will hopefully better meet our future health needs, but it must be properly funded and not be privatisation by stealth.  

Though needed the escalating cost of the Our Hospital project is a concern but any proposed changes must not materially impact the timeline for delivery of a suitable new hospital.  

An excellent health service will depend on us retaining, valuing and developing the dedicated professional staff we already have and being able to attract and retain new staff and any issues must be addressed.  

I do hope you will continue to support me at this election time and allow me to continue to represent you for another term.  

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Jonathan Colin Welsh
  2. Raymond David Pike
  3. Thomas John Du Feu
  4. Peter Joseph Lamy
  5. Peter John D’Anger
  6. William Joseph Dempsey
  7. Darren Charles Quenault
  8. Jean Mary L’amy
  9. Audrey Florence Falle
  10. Robert Philip Surcouf