Rose Binet

Candidate for Deputy Grouville and St. Martin

My name is Rosemary Binet and I am standing for election as Deputy for Grouville and St Martin 

I was born in Jersey and worked in the agricultural industry until 2014. I was a co- founder and Finance Director of the Jersey Royal Company and I have developed interests in property and two retail/service businesses. I am also a co-founder and Trustee of the charity FOCUS on Mental Illness. 

Having lived in Jersey all my life I have borne witness to the deterioration in the way our island has been governed and no longer feel comfortable sitting on the side-lines, ‘hoping for the best’.  

If elected, I would like to see the following achieved: 

Return the position of Senator. 

Stop the unfettered spending of taxpayers’ money and endeavour to ensure that money spent is well spent 

Stop the transfer of state-owned assets to private ownership.  

Reduce the size of our top-heavy Government and concentrate on the fundamentals needed to achieve a well-educated, healthy and happy population. 

Create a Government and civil service that is accountable and unable to hide behind meaningless sound-bite statements churned out by the Communications Department. 

Strive to achieve open and honest Government with Members working together to achieve best outcomes rather than withholding or heavily redacting information or feeling not required to do so because it might throw a spotlight on the truth. 

Create advisory bodies made up of people with recognised experience in their field, who are prepared to give their time and advice to benefit the community as our Court Jurats are willing to do. It is time to stop ignoring those with local knowledge and start listening to them. 

Reform the States Employment Board. (I have long been dismayed at the treatment metered out to some hardworking individuals in this island and also to those that have sought to bring their skills here.) 

Establish the truth behind the proposed building of a hospital at Overdale and consider much cheaper alternatives. (It very much appears that the whole expensive process has been geared around a desired outcome even if it is not the correct one.) 

Investigate how we can encourage doctors, nurses, care home workers etc by providing the correct housing and remuneration. 

Ensure provision of the correct hospital facilities and job opportunities for those suffering from mental illness including replacing the access to a working farm.  

Ensure the Samares ward for stroke and head-injury victims remains open. 

Complete the Assisted Dying legislation. 

Work with Andium homes to release sites for the building of homes and investigate reasons why state-owned property lies empty: Parade Garden flats, La Folie pub (over twenty years) 

There are many other areas of concern: problems caused by Brexit, soaring inflation, war in Ukraine to name but a few. All of which pose real difficulties for our future. 

I hope that residents of Grouville and St Martin share my concerns and that they will give me one of their votes to enable me to try and address them. Thank you. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Camille Joyce Eden
  2. Michael McKenzie Gray
  3. Philip John Rive
  4. Stella Dawn Bailey
  5. Jane L’Enfant
  6. Leon Channing
  7. Nigel Minihane
  8. Philip John Barber
  9. Michael Alan Renouard
  10. Graham John Bisson