Sam Mézec

Candidate for Deputy St. Helier South

I am running for election as Deputy of St Helier South because I believe the people of Jersey deserve to have a government which stands for social and economic justice. 

Over the last decade, Jersey has become a more unequal society. Real terms earnings have been frozen, poverty has increased, and the housing crisis now poses a huge threat to our continued prosperity and quality of life. 

Having suffered through the Covid pandemic over the last two years, we cannot simply go back to ‘business as usual’. 

I am standing alongside other Reform Jersey candidates on a platform for change. We have produced a comprehensive manifesto outlining our policies which you can find at 

If we are elected to government, we will set these three priorities for this term of office: 

  1. Create a more equal society
  2. Prepare Jersey for the challenges of the future
  3. Restore government accountability and democracy


We must reverse the growing trend of income inequality. Reform Jersey supports tax reform which will see most middle earners better off, whilst asking those at the top to pay more to help fund the public services we all rely on. 

Reform Jersey has published a ‘Housing Crisis Action Plan’ which we will instruct civil servants to implement as a matter of urgency. This includes proper rent regulation and support for first-time-buyers. 


As Jersey and other jurisdictions have committed to reducing carbon emissions, we have a huge opportunity to pursue this in a way which creates economic opportunities, reduces heating bills and improves our health and wellbeing. Reform Jersey will support our digital and finance industries to enable our transition to net-zero emissions in a way which creates wealth, rather than inadvertently hurting those on lower incomes. 

In St Helier, I want to see much more done to deliver better access to open green space and reduce pollution. I will work with the Parish to support community improvement schemes to provide more trees, active travel paths and pocket parks.   


Recent reforms to our government structure have concentrated too much power in the hands of senior civil servants. Reform Jersey will reverse this by ensuring that every civil servant is ultimately accountable to an elected minister. 

My Record 

I have served in the States for 8 years in Scrutiny and government. I have worked hard to deliver on my previous election promises.  I am most proud of managing to secure a reduction in the social housing rents cap and protecting tenants at Spencer Close from mass eviction. 

I have held weekly drop-ins at a café in town to be accessible to those who have needed the help of a States Member. I believe I have developed a reputation as a member who is not afraid to stand up to vested interests. With your support, I hope to carry on this work. 

Please also consider voting for your other Reform Jersey candidates so we can sit in the States together as an effective team. 

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. John Nicholas Baker
  2. Douglas Gray
  3. Matthew Liot
  4. Antonia Christine Liot
  5. Liana Summers-Shaw
  6. Jon Spence
  7. Natasha Da Silva
  8. Gavin McDougall
  9. Laura Mezec
  10. Claire Gisler