Steve Luce

Candidate for Deputy Grouville and St. Martin

I am a sixty three year old Jerseyman, who lives in St Martin. I have four adult children (and two grandchildren) who all live in the parish. I spent all my working life in the Jersey agriculture and aquaculture industries. I was elected Deputy of St Martin in 2011.  

Outside of States work, and among many other honorary positions in and outside of St Martin, I am hugely proud to have served with the St Catherine’s Lifeboat, on the crew and on shore, since 1988. I have been a Methodist church organist since 1983. My farming career was comprised of owning and managing Luce Farms Ltd (dairy products, Jersey Royals, vegetable crops and flowers), The Jersey Oyster Company (oysters and mussels), and “Happy Hens” (free range eggs). Some of the other positions I have held include: 

Member Executive Council, Jersey Chamber of Commerce. 

Chairman St. Martin’s Village Development Committee. 

Mentor Advance to Work/ Enterprise Week. 

Co-Organiser 7:46 Breakfast Club. 

Member Jersey Police Complaints Authority. 

Roads Inspector Parish of St. Martin. 

Member Youth Panel. 

Member Jersey Farmers Union Council. 

Chairman Producers Committee, Council R.J.A. & H.S. 

Member Advisory Body, Philip Mourant Training Centre 

President Countryman’s Club 

Chairman Jersey Young Farmers Club 

I now have over ten years of political experience in the States Assembly. Since 2011 I have chaired various Scrutiny Panels, and served on the Legislation Advisory Panel and the Planning Committee. I have been the Minister for Planning and Environment, and represented Jersey at meetings with senior Government Ministers from across Great Britain, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. 

I believe that the government has forgotten about Islanders, and delivering value for money. They have been spending too much, increasing our debt and not thinking about the future. The Progress Party want to bring back trust in government and be more careful with taxpayers hard earned money. We will be open, transparent, and responsive. We will manage population sensibly, and find ways to solve the housing crisis. We will make doctors more affordable, reduce  management and increase nurses and frontline staff. We will build a new hospital in the right place, at the right cost. 

Education will also be a priority. All our young people must be helped to reach their full potential. We will re-energise the economy by promoting innovation and encouraging businesses. 

It’s been a real honour to represent my home parish in the States Assembly. I now want to continue to do what I can to make things better for all Islanders, but most especially the parishioners of St Martin and Grouville. I want to work alongside my fellow Progress Party members, and our coalition partners the Jersey Liberal Conservatives. Together, if elected, we can make the changes that Jersey desperately needs.  

The Progress Party policies and joint manifesto with the Jersey Liberal Conservatives can be found on our website

Please vote for all Progress Party and Jersey Liberal Conservative candidates in whichever districts they are standing. 

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