Tom Binet

Candidate for Deputy St. Saviour

Dear Parishioner,

Having witnessed the defunction of our current Government with great frustration, I have decided to put my name forward for election.

By way of background, I have always lived in the parish and attended both St Saviour’s primary school and Hautlieu. Whilst lacking any distinguishing qualifications, I’ve gained considerable experience, developing businesses in agriculture, retail/services and property.

I served as Chairman of the Jersey Schizophrenia Fellowship for a number of years, and recently co-founded (and currently chair) the charity Focus on Mental Illness. I chair the campaign group, End of Life Choices Jersey, which played a significant role in the recent decision by the States to approve the principle of an assisted dying law. I am an associate member of the group, Friends of our New Hospital, and served four years on the Employment Forum.

Whilst fond of the parish in which I have spent my entire life, under the old electoral system I would have sought the office of Senator; this is because of my very real interest in addressing the major problems that currently stand to reduce everyone’s quality of life.

  • The following outlines the key issues I would look to address, if elected; the first two being the most urgent
  • Restore Ministerial control to every section of Government.
  • Restore civil service efficiency, effectiveness and general morale, as no policy, however coherent, can be processed properly until this is done
  • Reverse the decline in our Health Service by increasing investment and support for frontline staff.
  • Bring the new hospital project under proper control, both physically and financially.
  • Ensure that the culture of the government and civil service is respectful of individual rights and responsive to complaints when problems arise.
  • Accelerate the release of States-owned sites for development, to ease the housing crisis.
  • Promote local training to develop skills to reduce immigration.
  • Reintroduce an island-wide mandate (Senators) for the 2026 election.
  • Ensure effective and efficient use of all taxpayers’ money, using Jersey businesses, and advisors, whenever possible and avoid unnecessary use of external consultants.
  • Raise the income tax threshold to relieve more low earners and simplify the tax system to make it more efficient and user friendly.
  • Increase investment in GP services, reducing the cost to patients.
  • Produce and implement an affordable and deliverable environmental strategy.
  • Ensure government delivers a more effective public administration system, using the benefits of technology/Digital Jersey.
  • Revise the procedure for dealing with Jersey Complaints Board outcomes to ensure fair and timely redress for successful complainants.
  • Revise the policy for the acceptance of 2.1.Es to become Jersey residents

This election brings with it a welcome opportunity to bring about a serious culture change. A change to openness and honesty; decisiveness and competence; clear and sensible decision making,

I’m determined to pursue this much needed change and ask if you would be kind enough to help by sparing me one of your votes on June 22nd.

Thank you.

Tom Binet

Names of Proposers and Seconders

  1. Michael Talibard
  2. Gilbert Paul Riou
  3. Ana Tomas
  4. Heidi McGinty
  5. Paul Marcel Houzé
  6. Janine Nicol
  7. Jean Lelliott
  8. Emma Brooks
  9. Francis Le Quesne
  10. Richard Perchard