2021 Results

New St. Clement Connétable elected!

Marcus Troy has been voted in by St. Clement’s Parishioners to be their new Connétable.

Mr Troy secured 1,185 votes, whilst his opponent, Simon Brée, received 350 votes. The new Connétable will be officially sworn-in on Friday (30 July) at the Royal Court and will represent the Parish at his first States Meeting on Tuesday 14 September.

There were 1,535 valid votes in the by-election, with 3 spoilt papers. Therefore, of the 5,605 registered voters in the Parish, 27.43% used their vote to elect the new Connétable.

In comparison, the previous by-election for Deputy of St. Helier Number 3/4 in 2019 generated 1,606 votes, which meant 18.65% of registered voters used their vote.

Candidate Votes
Marcus Troy 1185 (elected)
Simon Brée 350